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The Biscuits…

I’m a purist by nature and we make all our mixes in small batches and use the very best fresh ingredients. I believe exceptional ingredients make exceptional biscuits and that our ingredients are our real heroes. We source local lemons, raspberries and blackberries with so much of our ingredients coming directly from our accredited farmers markets which include free range eggs, salts, extra virgin olive oil, organic rosemary and some nuts and berries. The majority of our ingredients are sourced from Victoria except our passionfruit and macadamia’s which are Queensland grown and our almonds which are from S.A., all are of exceptional quality. We love the Belgian Couverture Chocolate (Callebaut) which is incredible to use, simply the most delicious flavor on the pallet and gives our biscuits that WOW factor that we’re so well known for.


As a lover of great food and wine I have become a lot more aware of what is going into our bodies and how food is being made and its origins. For me we grew up on completely natural raw ingredients and sugar was never the enemy as we had all things in moderation. Today sugar is getting a battering and rightfully so as it is being overused and abused in many of our foods.

I believe as a nation we are becoming more aware of the amount of these “pretend” foods we are consuming which include huge amounts of heavily processed foods with the main ingredients are sugar and chemicals which are harmful to our health and well being if over consumed.

Our biscuits do have sugar in them but minimal amounts and we have been developing a range with coconut sugar instead of cane sugar, in time all our biscuits will be made from coconut sugar which I am very excited about.

Anzac Biscuits

Our biscuits are made as a “treat” an “indulgence” for those special occasions.
I still eat sugar but like anything in moderation. I believe that is the key to our success, our beautiful biscuits are hand made and a treat, not an every day food staple but a treat to enjoy and savour.